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Building Codes & Relevant Enactments 

"I will highly recommend this course to others because this course improves one's knowledge and understanding of construction in B.C.",  Gauri Sawant, Vastu Creations

"Very convenient learning format with a busy business schedule and work day.", Kevin Piche, Piche Home Construction

"Definitely helps you learn how to navigate the BCBC" Ron Baldwin, Corso Industries Ltd.

"A very efficient and convenient method of furthering a professional builder education requirement..", Mike Grgich 582138 BC Ltd.

 Construction Management & Supervision Fundamentals  

"This is a well-documented course and a must for people who want to become project managers." Anonymous

 Customer Service & Home Warranty Insurance

"Very useful information and laid out well.  Quality content"  Anonymous

Home Warranty Insurance

"This course provides complete information about new home warranty issues."  Anonymous