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Building Codes & Relevant Enactments 

"I will highly recommend this course to others because this course improves one's knowledge and understanding of construction in B.C.",  Gauri Sawant, Vastu Creations

"Very convenient learning format with a busy business schedule and work day.", Kevin Piche, Piche Home Construction

"Definitely helps you learn how to navigate the BCBC" Ron Baldwin, Corso Industries Ltd.

"A very efficient and convenient method of furthering a professional builder education requirement..", Mike Grgich 582138 BC Ltd.

"This course is designed in such a way that a non-technical person can grasp the subject matter with ease."  Srinivasa Janaswamy 

"Through this course, good knowledge of building codes will be achieved.  The relation between different elements of the building is described.  The references that are given during the course are worth going through, if you like to be involved." Manouchehr Talebian

 Construction Management & Supervision Fundamentals  

"This is a well-documented course and a must for people who want to become project managers." BC Builder Training student

"Informative and well layed out." Brian Hilder

"Course gave an excellent structure through which to visualize the flow of a well-managed site. Challenges were from real life situations that happen regularly, making the learning relevant - Thanks!!" BC Builder Training student

"Having an understanding of project management is crucial in implementing any project...the course was very helpful in breaking down the different aspects of project management." BC Builder Training student

"This course teaches excellent project management skills throughout all aspects of a construction project.  A very good course."BC Builder Training student

 Customer Service & Home Warranty Insurance

"This course provides an extremely well explained, relatable, and thorough teaching of customer service."  BC Builder Training student

"Extremely informative course that provides great step by step procedures in customer service."  BC Builder Training student

"Lots of knowledge and insight on customer service and real life scenarios and how to handle them. Good for employees and employers, associates to know and understand." BC Builder Training student

"Very thorough course hitting every detail about customer service and more in the industry.  Loaded with tips!"  BC Builder Training student

"This course is extremely insightful in demonstrating why customer service should be the core of any business." BC Builder Training student


Financial Planning & Budget Management

"Excellent course in covering the basics.  Easy to navigate and comprehend."  BC Builder Training student

"Wonderful course, excellent delivery of information with examples." BC Builder Training student

"Great, straight-forward course that is very relevant to the industry with very relevant industry examples." BC Builder Training student

"Essential information to properly operate a business.  Easy to understand and apply." BC Builder Training student