Customer Service Professional

This course has been approved by Licencing & Consumer Services for informal CPD training requirements

This is an online course that involves approximately 24 hours of online learning.  Join Carol Smith, industry's leading customer service expert, as she shares her 40+ years of industry expertise.  

"The Customer Service Professional course offers a comprehensive view of service for the home building industry. Framed with insights about today’s consumer and best practices, the sessions progress through each aspect of the new home experience from management’s role to warranty attentions. Emphasis on tangible tools and practical skills enable professionals to translate their service strategy into results. Session lectures, workbooks containing dozens of sample forms, and focused self-assessment tools provide the participant with an action plan that can lead to customer loyalty and business success."


  • An Experience Worth Repeating

Setting The Stage For Customer Loyalty

  • Service Leadership
  • Home Buyer Expectations

Managing the Process

  • Customer Meetings I:  Benefits, Planning & Preparation
  • Customer Meetings II:  Agenda Development
  • Customer Meetings III:  Techniques
  • Selection Strategies

Closing with Style

  • Homeowner Orientation I:  Purposes, Planning & Preparation
  • Homeowner Orientations II: Techniques & Follow Through
  • Closing with Style 

New Home Warranty Service

  • Warranty Decisions
  • Warranty Repairs
  • Warranty Fine Points
  • Partners in Service

Communication Skills

  • Communication Protocols
  • Service Diplomacy
  • Writing as a Service

From Problems & Conflict to Solutions & Improvement

  • Gray Areas
  • Challenging Home Buyers 

From Action Plan to Service Excellence

  • The Feedback Portfolio
  • Referral Heaven


Training category (Group A):   This course is only available for informal continuing professional development (CPD).   

  • Informal CPD:  24.25 points - Participants only complete the course and do not take the exam
  • Formal CPD:  This course is not available for formal CPD credits

Course availability:  Online learning allows you to work at your own pace from the comfort of your own computer any time of the day or night. 

Timeframes:  You will be allotted 6 months from the date of course registration to complete the online education.  Extensions can be purchased if additional time is required. 

Prerequisite:  There are no prerequisites for this course.  You can register for this course anytime at your convenience.

Tuition: $399 + tax for a limited time.

The tuition includes the online education and an electronic workbooks.  

Proof of course completion:  Upon completion of the online course, participants will be able to log into our learning management system to view and print a certificate of completion for informal CPD. 


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