Business & Management Fundamentals

This course meets Licensing & Consumer Services' qualification training requirements and all of the learning outcomes for this subject area.

This is an online course that involves 14 hours of online learning.

Rise to the challenge of the homebuilding industry by successfully applying the fundamentals of business management - setting realistic goals, benchmarking and creating standards for production as well as service, accounting, sales, marketing and profitability.


Knowledge & Skill Building Areas 

 Business Vision, Objectives and Goals

  • Statement of vision, objectives and goals
  • Statement of company rationale, values, direction and risks
  • Statement of ethics
  • Products and servicesCPD logo

Integration with the financial plan

  • including the purpose of financial plans as they relate to business planning

Marketing Plan

  • Key marketing terms
  • Elements of marketing planning 

Operating Plan

  • Different business forms and the pros and cons of each
  • Why and when and new plan should be developed
  • Managing change
  • Business communication and guidelines for effective communication


Training category (Group B):  Upon completion of the online development, this course will be available for either qualification training or informal continuing professional development (CPD).  

  • Qualification training: 28 points - Includes completion of a 3rd party proctored exam
  • Informal CPD: 14 points -  Participants only complete the course and do not take the exam
  • Formal CPD:  Course is not available for formal CPD credits

Course availability:  Online learning allows you to work at your own pace from the comfort of your own computer any time of the day or night. 

Timeframes:  You will be allotted 6 months from the date of course registration to complete the online education.  Extensions can be purchased if additional time is required. 

Prerequisite:  There are no prerequisites for this course.  You can register for this course anytime at your convenience.

Tuition:  $449 + tax for a limited time.

The tuition includes the online education and an electronic copy of the course manual.  

Proof of course completion:  Upon completion of the online course, participants will be able to log into our learning management system to view and print a certificate of completion for informal CPD. An additional qualification (core competency) training certificate will be provided to those individuals who successfully complete the final exam. The exam results will be available and kept electronically in your student profile.

Qualification (Core Competency) Exam: The 3rd party proctored exam for this course (applicable for individuals completing qualification training is closed book in a multiple choice, multiple answer and true/false format.  There is no exam for participants taking the course for informal CPD training.

Proctor testing centers:  Licensing & Consumer Services requires 3rd party proctoring for online exams that qualify as qualification training.  When you are close to completing the online course, you will need to make arrangements with a proctor testing location to proctor your online exam for you.  Please click here to see the list of the current approved BC proctoring locations. BC Builder Training will provide you with further proctoring information upon course completion.

Passing grade:  The passing grade is 70%. 

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